'If', the first collection of Y_Como, is inspired by a poem by the British writer Rudyard Kipling, one of the most recognized poets from the Victorian era. A poem that explains how we must face everything that happens to us in life, to get out victorious and become better people. A plea for authenticity and freedom to which other pillars in which the creative director bases her work: crafts and nature represented by the Williams Morris‘ organicism in the collection’s prints and the essence of Modernism by Antoni Gaudí. “An architect who does not take nature into account in their creation is not a good architect” said Gaudí. – From my point of view, the same thing happens in clothes” explains Yolanda Pérez. Read more about the collection https://bit.ly/3gFmxkz​​ BUY ON-LINE https://bit.ly/2QGttDo​ Follow us on Instagram https://bit.ly/32XVUzr​ Facebook https://bit.ly/3gRWoiu

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